Tuesday, 17 December 2013

23rd May 2013 Far Ings NNR

A well needed couple of hours up at Far Ings 23.05.13

After being in agony and not able to get out for over a week , due to a trapped nerve in my shoulder  , I got up this morning feeling a little better so quickly made a flask and some sarnies and had a wander up to the local patch . I first went in Ness hide OMG  couldnt even open the window it was so windy !!   I had a coffee and sat there for a while every now and then attempting to open the window  .  It rained , it poured , it hailed  (not good)  Then I spotted a couple of Gulls on the far side , I thought they looked a bit different so braved the window open to get the bins on them  , Yay little Gulls  :)   I watched as they headed over to New scrapes area , so as soon as the sun came out and the rain stopped I  quickly walked through the Ness wood to Target Pit and New scrapes . I went in Target hide  first and thankfully the wind was behind now so was so much better . The two Little Gulls were feeding on insects so I managed a few photos of them even though they stayed on the far side . They were then joined by two Common Terns  :)   An Oystercatcher dropped in to for a bath   :)   The Common Sandpiper was on one of the new Islands having a snooze . I sat in there for a few hours , really enjoying myself trying to photograph the Swifts , Martins and Swallows .  I then had a look on the New Scrapes , spotting the Marsh Harrier hunting over Ness . I made a dash along the Humber bank to get to Reedy hide before the rain came , it was black over the Humber I and could see it coming over , I just made it in time before the heavens opened again .  By the time I got there the Marsh Harrier had gone so no photos today . I had a wander through North meadow on my way back , and was lucky enough to see a fox , and loads of bunny's !   Had an excellent few hours out , really enjoyed it  :) 
Little Gull

Common Sandpiper

Little Gull

Common Tern



Great Crested Grebe

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