Tuesday, 17 December 2013

9th May 2013 Far Ings NNR

With the weather forecast being sunny till lunchtime I decided I would get up early to enjoy the sunrise up at the local patch . I set my alarm for 4.30am , but didnt actually get up until 5.30 !!  I had told Mandy I would meet her up at the reserve so quickly got ready , and made sure I had a flask of coffee :)  I drove up to the New centre and found Mandy , she had just been photographing water voles just down the lane , Cool .  We drove up to Ness Farm and had a sit in the hide , where we met Don Davis .  Don left after about half an hour later to go to Bonby as it was pretty quiet in Ness .  Mandy and I had a good natter and catch up when we heard a kingfisher we turned round to see him perched on the tree right in front of the hide , we both grabbed our cameras and rattled off some shots , he only sat there a matter of minutes before flying off across the reed bed :)   That certainly put a big smile on our faces  :))  After an hour or so Mandy went for a wander to do her breeding bird survey so I had a wander about too , Lots of birds singing away but keeping hidden from me :(   We met back up at Ness hide for more coffee and chatting . The male Marsh Harrier was showing well quite a few times and we both got some shots of him .  The swifts and swallows were busy and we had fun trying to photograph then :)  Really enjoyable morning out up at the local patch :) 

Marsh Harrier


Marsh Harrier


Lesser Black backed Gull and Black headed Gull



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